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The majorities of the cleaning products we use are heavy on caustic and toxic chemicals, aren’t great for our health, and do some serious damage to the environment.  It’s time to say no to these unnecessarily harsh products, and to wearing gloves and worrying about ventilation while we clean.  Until you’ve tried an ecologically friendly equivalent product, don’t buy another conventional type of cleaner.  You’ll be surprised at what green cleaners can do, and how well they work.

If more of us are willing to do this, we’ll have cleaner water.  Almost seventy percent of US waterways contain high concentrations of detergents, and those detergents come from our household cleaning.  These products are also responsible for a tenth of children’s toxic exposures.  If you don’t have them in the house, there’s a lot less reason to be worried about little ones getting into places where they shouldn’t be.

You can smell the difference when you use natural cleaning products, too.  There are no eye watering smells to make you light headed.  Most of these cleaners are based on essential oils, which can be strong, but won’t give you a headache.  Even if you hate cleaning, there are cleaning kits that allow you to create your own scents, which can make things a lot more fun.

Commercially produced green cleaners include the Eco-Me Starter Kit, a kit that allows to quickly and easily make effective cleaning products on your own, and the Sh-Mop, a mop like the Swiffer, but with reusable mop tops, not disposable ones.  Use Caldrea Powdered Scrub to get things clean without too much abrasion, and Seventh Generation for your toilet cleaning.  This product is biodegrades after flushing, and has a minty smell.

Laundry detergents include Sun & Earth, a liquid detergent that contains no artificial scents, and no solvents based on petroleum products, either.  The Ecover Stain Remover keeps you from needing to wash a whole load for a single shirt, or washing the shirt by hand, and Method Wood for Good makes your wooden furniture shine.

Mrs. Meyer’s Carpet Cleaner is an excellent choice for rugs and carpets, and will soon be paraben free.  The same company makes excellent geranium scented dish soap.  Earth Friendly Products has a coconut and lavender window cleaner that leaves glass streak free, or you could choose Ecover’s all purpose cleaner, which is vegetable based and lemon scented.

These are just a few of the eco friendly products out on the market today.  Plus, the Internet and bookstores are full of great articles and books you can use to make your own effective cleaners out of inexpensive items you already have around the house.  You don’t have to use commercial cleaners anymore!  Try the greener alternative.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Make sure to do your research before switching brands to a more eco-friendly cleaner – it should be eco-friendly on all levels from the packaging, to delivery, to the actual product and eco-friendly does not have to mean more expensive!

    Sign-up for an earth day drawing!

  2. Pam McLennan says:

    We would be pleased if you would allow us to use your articles and put onto our website and spread the word further.



  3. Green Life Staff says:

    Hi, Yes you can use the articles, but you need to make the credit to us with a link.

    Thanks for your support.

  4. Rudy Silva says:

    Thanks for this information. This is very helpful not only to our environment but also to my hands that can now be free from burn due to the excessive chemicals of my existing cleaner products.

  5. Ben Hodges says:

    Good information, and also remember that if you use Michael’s Original Luffa Washing up Pads, which last up to a year, are fairly traded and sustainably grown and produced, instead of nylon or cellulose sponges you will be reducing your pollution AND landfill contribution.

    Ben Hodges

    P.S Why not write an article about Michael’s Original?

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