Never Tried Passing The Recycling Box? Now’s The Time To Do It

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DIY (Do It Yourself) Recycling Tray

Budgets are getting tighter, and many of us are doing without many of the things we’d normally buy.  We also have a national epidemic of too much stuff.  Most people are tightening their belts on one side, and looking at their piles of clutter on the other.  Wouldn’t it be great if the solution to one problem was the solution to the other? Fortunately, it could be.  The solution that gets rid of your excess stuff could also help you get a few of those gadgets and knickknacks you’ve been longing for.  Here’s how it works.

When the seasons turn, we all go through our stuff.  There’s clothing we and the kids have outgrown, or clothes that just aren’t in style anymore.  There are all the knickknacks and small things that you just don’t use anymore.  They take up lots of space, are annoying to clean around, and we wish they’d just disappear.  Yet we rarely ever actually get rid of them.  After all, most people feel guilty throwing something perfectly good into the trash can.  That’s why the recycling box is such a good idea.

Start with a box.  It needs to be a sturdy one, and it needs to be big enough to hold clothes, knickknacks and other items you can to get rid of.  It might be full of winter clothing, old books, or just about anything else.  Don’t choose a box that’s so large you can’t easily move it, and don’t put everything in right away.  Stick a few of the items you want to get rid of in the box.  Then, put a label on it.  The season or date, your name, your contact information, and a note that lets the recipient know to keep the box for a few days, then pass it on, are all you need to include.

Now, you’ve got a box full of perfectly good things you’d like to get rid of.  Find someone else who’s looking for something and has a few items to toss, as well.  Give them the box, and let them know they can have anything they’d like out of it, and they can put their still-usable old things inside.  They keep it for a few days, then pass it on to the next person.  Your recycling box makes the rounds, helping people toss out the old and bring in the new, without spending a dime.  It’s a great way to solve two problems with just one solution.

Eventually, the box will come back to you.  Hopefully, most or all of your old stuff will be gone, and you’ll have access to all kinds of new-old things.  Some of them are sure to be on your list of things to get, and you’ll be able to take them out and mark it off.  Anything that’s left and still good can go to a charity organization.  Any items that can’t be used should be recycled or thrown out.  Then you can start the box going back around again!

Do this once a season, once a year, or whenever you need to empty out the house, but don’t want to throw good things out.  It’s a great way to dress your kids, find the perfect kitchen appliance, and keep clutter from taking over.  If you’ve never tried passing the recycling box, now’s the time to do it.

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