Organic Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks

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For any new mom that is pregnant, one big concern happens to be stretch marks.  The great thing is that you don’t have to go out and start paying big time for products that contain chemicals.  There are many natural organic ways that you can prevent the stretch marks while you are pregnant.

When you are growing quickly and the collagen and elastin production just can’t keep up, then stretch marks tend to happen.  Usually these marks will fade eventually, but you probably would rather prevent them in the first place.  Although your genes can determine how susceptible you are to getting stretch marks, natural prevention methods can still be helpful.  Here is a look at some simple ways that you can keep the stretch marks at bay.

Way #1 – Drink Plenty of Water

Yes, it is really that simple.  You have to stay hydrated while you are pregnant.  If you want to keep stretch marks away, drinking more water than usual is going to help.  It helps to keep skin well hydrated.  Not only is this going to help you to prevent stretch marks but it will also help your body as it goes through so many changes.  When you keep skin hydrated, the body is better able to produce the collagen and elastin that is needed and stretches will be repaired faster by your skin.  While you are pregnant, try to get about 12 glasses each day.  Keep water with you as much as possible.  If you don’t like the flavor, add some lemon, lime, or orange slices for better flavor.

Way #2 – Try To Avoid Gaining Too Fast

While you’re definitely going to gain weight while you are pregnant, you need to try to avoid gaining too fast.  If you watch what you eat and try to avoid gaining too much too fast, you can keep your body growing at a rate that is manageable for the skin.  Usually you should only gain about 25-30 pounds while you are pregnant.  Talk to your doctor about how you can successfully manage your weight while pregnant to avoid those stretch marks.

Way #3 – Other Options

There are other natural options out there, such as vitamin E and cocoa butter.  You may be wondering if they will work and help you to avoid these stretch marks.  Well, cocoa butter definitely has a great reputation for helping women to avoid stretch marks.  Many women testify at how cocoa butter has helped them.  It is all natural and it is safe enough to use while you are pregnant as well.  Another option is vitamin E.  You can get it in capsules and the oil can be massaged on your skin.  It is a great antioxidant that helps can to get rid of free radicals that can cause damage that leads to stretch marks.

Instead of using expensive creams to get rid of stretch marks, which may be full of nasty chemicals, use these organic and natural ways of preventing them.  You’ll have a happy pregnancy and you won’t have to deal with those stretch marks as you get bigger throughout the pregnancy.

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