Sunscreen, The Real Effects on Your Body – Protection or Poison?

Recent raised awareness of the dangers of skin cancer has also seen an equally rapid rise in the use of sunscreen. We’re warned of the dangers of exposure to the sun without adequate layers of sunscreen on exposed skin. Melanoma is a serious skin cancer and it affects tens of thousands of people each year.

To protect us against the risk of skin cancer, we’re taught to use lots of sunscreen to help block out damaging rays from the sun. So while we’re all using more and more sunscreen, the incidence of skin cancer is still rising.

Natural Cleaning Products

The majorities of the cleaning products we use are heavy on caustic and toxic chemicals, aren’t great for our health, and do some serious damage to the environment.  It’s time to say no to these unnecessarily harsh products, and to wearing gloves and worrying about ventilation while we clean.  Until you’ve tried an ecologically friendly equivalent product, don’t buy another conventional type of cleaner.  You’ll be surprised at what green cleaners can do, and how well they work.

If more of us are willing to do this, we’ll have cleaner water.  Almost seventy percent of US waterways contain high concentrations of detergents, and those detergents come from our household cleaning.  These products are also responsible for a tenth of children’s toxic exposures.  If you don’t have them in the house, there’s a lot less reason to be worried about little ones getting into places where they shouldn’t be.

Stopping Junk Mail

One way to have a positive effect on your environment is to stop your junk mail.  The average adult in the US gets about forty pounds of junk mail every year, and about half of it ends up in the landfill before it’s ever opened.  Over a lifetime, you’ll get about a thousand pounds of mail you never wanted – a lot more paper than could be produced from a single tree.

Plus, the production of that paper has a large environmental impact from water waste, pollution, and heavy metals in the inks.  Even using recycled paper requires a lot of resources to be used to send us mail that we don’t want!  Some companies have pledged not to send catalogs to customers who don’t want them, but most don’t, leaving it up to the consumer to do something about the junk mail flood.  Here are some options to get rid of your junk mail.

Green Up Your Morning Routine

Forget about your common daily routine when it comes to getting up in the morning. Forget about your technological ways, and try something new. Consider preparing yourself a bath with botanicals harvested.

Consider the amount of water you waste when taking long showers. Try cutting down on your water usage, or switch to baths. Another option is to shower with a spouse. Turn off your shower when shaving, or washing. Only use the water when necessary. A five minute shower uses a third the amount of waster compared to a full bath. Check your faucets and shower heads for leaks. Stopping such leaks is a great way to make a greener home. Invest in an aerator for all your faucets is a great way to reduce unnecessary water usage. Low-flow shower heads and efficient water heaters are likely to make a great difference on your water consumption.

What Green Vehicle Does America Want?

Green vehicles and technologies have been in the news and on a lot of people’s minds recently.  However, no one seems to have the same definition of the term.  Is a vehicle green merely because it is small, light, and extremely fuel efficient, or does it need to use alternate fuel sources or have other really ground breaking technologies to qualify.

Really, it just depends on who you ask.  Different people want different things out of their vehicles, and there are many different shades of green.  That means that automakers can’t please everyone with one design.  They’re going to need to think about the vehicles they’re producing and the demographic they want to target.