Cooling Food Without Electricity

Most of us are used to having a refrigerator in our homes to keep food and drinks safely cool.  However, people throughout the centuries didn’t have these appliances to keep their food in good condition.  There are ways to keep food cool enough to be safe for eating, and you don’t need to power them with electricity.

They may not be as cold as an electric refrigerator in some cases, especially when it’s extremely hot outside.  Whether you’re trying to reduce your electricity use, or you’re in a situation where power isn’t available, here’s some information about refrigerating without electricity.

Plastic Bag Alternatives

Plastic bags are one of our icons of convenience culture.  Some people say that the tossable plastic bag is the most common consumer item out there, with trillions of examples loose in our waste stream and our environment.  The hazards of the plastic bag start with its production, since they’re made from petroleum products (with all the impacts of using fossil fuels) and the inks used in some bags contain lead and other toxic colorants.

Then the bags have to be transported to stores, using fuel on the way, and purchased or given to customers.  Each year in America alone, over a hundred billion plastic bags are tossed.  Some of them have only ever carried one small item – it’s standard for anything you buy to be placed in one of these bags, and you’ll get one unless you request otherwise.  Throwing away that many bags is the equivalent of throwing out about twelve million barrels, all full of oil.

Guaranteed Ways To Go Green At Work

Reduce your carbon footprint while at the office in order to save the natural resources and energy while you are working.  Consider the way you use lights.  Turn off lights in the office when you go out for lunch and when you leave for the day.  Tack a note to the inside of the bathroom door reminding people to turn off the lights when they leave.

Reasons to Skip Bottled Water

The bottled water consumed by people worldwide has increased so much in the last several years; it generates billions of dollars a year in the U.S. alone. The craze of drinking bottled water for the dietary benefits as well as the taste have had an effect on the amount of water that people purchase.

The years between 1997 and 2005 have seen the amount of water being consumed more than double nationwide. When facing the facts about the amount of plastic this puts into the landfills and waste centers we are slowly taking over our planet with trash.

Switching to Organic Pet Food

If you are constantly trying to eat the right food, you should extend this concern to what your furry friends eating. The wisest choice is for you to go for the organic pet food. This type of food will provide your pet with all the essential nutrients, while not pollute the environment during the manufacturing and transportation processes. The organic pet food comes along with plenty of benefits for you and your pet. Your little friends overall health will be improved while you begin to take a proactive role in improving our environment. The life span of your pet will also be increased. No hormones, chemicals and pesticides are to be found in the organic pet food.