Reasons to Skip Bottled Water

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The bottled water consumed by people worldwide has increased so much in the last several years; it generates billions of dollars a year in the U.S. alone. The craze of drinking bottled water for the dietary benefits as well as the taste have had an effect on the amount of water that people purchase.

The years between 1997 and 2005 have seen the amount of water being consumed more than double nationwide. When facing the facts about the amount of plastic this puts into the landfills and waste centers we are slowly taking over our planet with trash.

There are many ways to skip the bottled water and help the environment and our future generations. Here are a few ways you can do this and after you find out why bottled water is not quite as good for us as we think, you may decide to opt for one of these methods:

– Find a reusable and washable bottle to take your water in. Put it in the freezer the night before and it will be ready to go when you are.
– If not, try a thermos. They can keep drinks cold as well as hot.
– Install a water filter in your home. They can improve some of the worst problem water and deliver much cleaner water than bottled water.
– If less people drank bottled water, the problem of what to do with all the empty bottles would no longer be a problem.

Many plastic containers are recycled but this also has an effect on the air we breathe. Although the newer version of plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) instead of the PVC which released chlorine into the air when it was melted for recycling processes.

If you want to make sure the water you are drinking is good for you rather than opting for mineral or spring water which is costing millions of dollars each year, consider installing a filter on your tap water source. If you have city water they do have certain regulations that have to be followed when it comes to the water they supply to the consumer. However, that does not mean it will taste good. But it may make a difference in exactly what you are drinking and there are filter systems which can improve the taste of your water.

If you think bottled water is better, here are a few facts that just might change your mind. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the regulatory agency at the federal level for bottled water. They allow bottled water to have certain amounts of fecal coli forms. What is this, you ask?

According to the Encarta World English dictionary, “Fecal coli forms are rod-shaped bacteria that are normally found in the colons of humans and animals and become a serious contaminant when found in the food or water supply.” The Environmental Protection Agency which regulates city tap water does not allow fecal coli forms in city water.

Which water would you rather drink now? Violations of the FDA standards are routine and often not even reported and when they are the water may not be recalled until some 15 months or more after the water was bottled, shipped, and sold.

Not only do we not know what we are drinking when it comes to bottled water but the removal of large amounts of mineral water or water from natural springs is tampering with ground water aquifers. Streams and other sources of water are becoming threatened with the extreme removal of water for bottling purposes.

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  1. hannah says:

    im currently on exchange in quito ecuador and i have to say that bottled water is the only safe way to go here. The tap water isn’t safe to drink and it’s completely necessary to drink bottled water. brushing my teeth with the tap water made me really ill a few months ago.

    so, in the states we need to drink more tap water but here something major needs to be done to improve water treatment. so this is a world-wide issue, to be sure.

  2. luckygirl says:

    A company in Michigan has started up a boxed water business. I hope they come to the West Coast soon!

  3. Frederick Pasten says:


  4. John Davis says:

    I never could understand {“bottled water” I have always wondered if I could sell “bottled air” to the idiots that shell out money for bottled water!


  5. Mike Olaski says:

    I have always wondered if I should be drinking out of those bottles. I don’t think the water is any better, it costs more and I worry about the bottles not getting recycled.

    What is the best choice for healthy, green and inexpensive?

  6. Justin says:

    Do not freeze water in plastic water bottles to consume the next day. The freezing and un freezing of the plastic releases chemicals in to the water that have been found to be carcogenic.

    Get a brita filter and drink filtered water. Use a Nalgene type water bottle and you’re good to go. Or just stop being a panzy and drink tap. Both are cheaper and eco friendly.

  7. trarthur says:

    Yep, while doing sports I consume 1.5L water. First few weeks I was buying it, but then I realized its actually cheaper and more eco-friendly to just pour boiled water in the same bottle over and over again. I have also heard that some bottled water is actually less clean than one you get when boil it.

  8. evan says:

    “Although the newer version of plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) instead of the PVC which released chlorine into the air when it was melted for recycling processes.”

    sentence fragment.

  9. Truth says:

    I’ll stop drinking bottled water when the water being fed to my faucet stops being fluoridated and chlorinated. These are very detrimental to your health. And no, water filters don’t cut it.

  10. ONE DROP says:

    Help us raise awareness for the Global Water Crisis and Support World Water Day March 22nd 2009: Digg for Water : !

  11. Mark in Portland says:

    I used to work at Walgreen’s Drug Stores and we regularly checked the bottled water because eventually brite green algie grows on the very top of the water! Uck!

  12. This is a great article. I just came across a website that made me think about this issue- they are encouraging the use of metal water bottles to promote reuse. Check it out here: Are there any issues with metal water bottles?

    I’ve also heard that you can recycle these water bottles and make clothes out of them. So I guess some good things are happening but we need more awareness.

  13. Ray Bob says:

    Why don’t we ask people to give up soft drinks in plastic? Why not outlaw plastic baby diapers? What about French’s mustard? Heinz ketchup? Kraft Miracle Whip? All of these are packaged in plastic. There are far more of these than all discarded water bottles.

    Regarding fecal coliform. FDA requires test results for bacteria in bottled water be below detectable limits, i.e., the same as EPA requirements for municipalities.

    Bottled water has no preservatives and is usually bottled in translucent containers. Of course, if you expose it to light and heat, it will result in algae growth. But that’s only after months in that environment.

    Snopes de-bunked the cancer myth years ago:

    Try adding red food color to a container of water. Pour that through your Brita water filter. Red food color comes straight through. How large must a particle be to be caught and “filtered” out by Brita or similar products?

    Boiling kills bacteria only. It doesn’t remove any other contaminants (like aresenic) from the water. When you boil water, pure water escapes into the atmosphere as steam. The water that is left is now MORE concentrated with contaminants. If you start with 200 parts per million total dissolved solids and boil half the water away, you have just concentrated the TDS to 400 ppm, and so on.

    Bottled water is a safe, healthy, convenient alternative to bottled soda.

  14. Judy Steininger says:

    What people are really buying when they purchase bottled water is convenience. Americans are crazy busy and need water to go. At first people just thought this was cool; it was cheap and easy. Now we know better. Now we need to stop it. My company can certainly provide the convenience part of the equation. Go to and see our collapsible 16 oz water bottle. Dishwasher safe, use hundreds of times. Save money…Save the planet…one bottle at a time. (Quito is excused-for now!)

  15. IvanC says:

    Test your water for ph and see what that bottled water actually is. Most of them are acidic, save for a few, but tap water in the usa is federally mandated to be at least neutral ph. Now most city municipalities achieve this by using the cheapest chemicals available that will do the job such as chlorine and lye, so the suggestion of using a brita filter and pouring it into a stainless or bpa free containers is great.

  16. creativezazz says:

    The Los Angeles Times runs a front-page article on the county supervisors slapping their own label on bottled water they drink on TV. But the real problem is this: why are they drinking from single-serve plastic water bottles at all? Do they have no idea how poisonous these things are for are planet? Not to mention wasteful of tax dollars? They never touch my lips. As a graphic designer, I designed new labels for the supervisors’ bottles. One label for plastic ones and one for re-usable. See them: Download for personal use for free to promote the environment.

  17. William says:

    Hey check out

    It talks about a new program New York where you dont have to buy bottled water. It is called TapIt Water:

    Really interesting..