Save Money When Going Green

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With the economy in the shape that it is in and with more and more people becoming concerned with shrinking resources, it is time for you to take a moment and see how going green can put more money back in your pocket!  There are many people out there who feel that going green is too much effort for too little reward, but the truth of the matter is that going green can be good for your wallet as well as being good for the earth!  Take a look at just a few methods that will allow you both be kinder to the environment and to save up a little bit of cash as well.

One of the top ways that you can save money when you want to go green is to start taking public transport.  With more and more people working from home, think about whether you really need your car.  Take some time and really consider what your options are going to be for getting around without it.  A city with a good bus route, a car pool or a car share can make getting around very straightforward, and with that in mind, you are going to be able to stop paying for car insurance, gas and car maintenance as well.

Consider how to save power in your home.  It can range from something as simple as turning the lights in your home off when they are not in use, to using a clothesline to dry your clothes.  If you want to get more technologically savvy, give up incandescent lighting in favor of new LED technology or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL).  These are all great ways to give you a bit more cash and to shrink your power bill a little.

Another good way to save cash while helping the environment is to look at your water bill.  There are lots of ways to save water, and while some require a bit of cash, others do not.  One investment that will pay for itself is the use of water conservative shower heads.  You may not notice, but when you take a shower, you are consuming as much water as you would for a bath.  A shower head that is meant to save water can halve the amount of water you use without making an appreciable difference in your showering experience.  Leave a bucket in the shower with you and use it to water your plants.

Also consider how you clean your house.  Not only are most cleaners bad for you, they can get into the groundwater supply.  Instead, check out traditional and highly effective methods of cleaning your home and appliances.  One great stain remover is baking soda, which will help you lift stains off harsh surfaces as an abrasive, while another terrific cleansing material is white vinegar, which you can leave to soak.

Saving money is not difficult if you put your mind to it, but do see how you can integrate saving the planet as well; it is easier than you think!

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  1. Saving money isn’t difficult but yes we need more such advices like that 🙂 People need to know from the experts how to save money. I already practice that I don’t have to waste water and electricity. But yes public transportation is a thing which we should be doing or taking a walk if the place is near but we’re too much lazy now. One can keep their old car so if you go out with family somewhere then only you use your car otherwise for work, you can take public transportation.

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