Switching to Organic Pet Food

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If you are constantly trying to eat the right food, you should extend this concern to what your furry friends eating. The wisest choice is for you to go for the organic pet food. This type of food will provide your pet with all the essential nutrients, while not pollute the environment during the manufacturing and transportation processes. The organic pet food comes along with plenty of benefits for you and your pet. Your little friends overall health will be improved while you begin to take a proactive role in improving our environment. The life span of your pet will also be increased. No hormones, chemicals and pesticides are to be found in the organic pet food.

Such elements may have negative and long term effects upon the health of your pet. The environment is likely to be affected by the constant production of non-organic pet food as well. Organically made food can have a very positive impact upon the environment and this is true in the case of the organic pet food. Making the switch to organic food will not only protect your pet from harmful chemicals, you will also help the environment. Your pet will be provided with nutrients free of chemicals and pesticides and its overall health will be improved in a dramatic manner. Go online to find a reliable supplier that can deliver you quality and organic pet food.  Purchasing your furry friends food in this manner means healthier food without having to leave the comforts of your home. Imagine not having to carry that heavy bag of food all the way from the store to your home. Such organic pet foods are also gluten free and hypo-allergenic.

We suggest first paying a visit to your vet in order to determine the right type of organic food for your pet. Every pet is likely to have their own unique nutritional needs. These needs must be taken into account when looking for the right food for your pet. Conventional pet food can also contain fertilizers and petroleum-based pesticides, both of which will not be found in their organic replacements. Organic pet food also uses meat from animals that weren’t raised with growth hormones or antibiotics. Such additives actually pollute the waterways and affect the environment as a whole. Another feature of the organic pet food is the fact that no animal testing is used.

Start by verifying the food with your veterinarian to make sure your pet will be provided with all the necessary nutrients and minerals, and not be negatively affected by this sudden change of food. The current proportions your pet consumes should also be taken into account when determining the right food. Stay away from feeding your pet with people food because animals and people have different nutritional needs. Mixing the old food with the new organic one for several days until your pet gets used to its taste is a great way to bring the change of food slowly, so that your pet doesn’t reject the new food. This can also curb possible stomach upset. Once your pet is fully accustomed to the organic food, you should switch to it completely.

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  1. yulia says:

    absolutely agree with your posting
    great info
    thankyou for sharing

  2. Julian says:

    Organic pet food would of sounded crazy ten years ago but nowadays it seems perfectly natural to some…

    But the crazy trend now is vegan pet food! Check it out at http://www.petfoodindustry.com/ViewNews.aspx?id=24842

  3. Heidi Junger says:

    I really like your article, you cover it all. I esp. like that you recommend guardians see their vet to determine the special needs of their animals. You – unlike many! – understand that each animal’s needs are special and that not one food can fit all! – What a holistic attitude and refreshing comment! I have to keep my eye on your site, you guys are on a path I agree with!

    What I would mention is that in the pet food industry, only *certified organic* claims are regulated and enforced by the government. All other ‘organic’ claims are not verified by an unbiased third-party…. As a California State Compliance officer wrote me “it is a buyer beware of any pet food that is not certified organic.”

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