Ditch your Answering Machine and Switch to Voice Mail

Although not an idea that jumps right to mind, experts are showing in study after study that by using voice mail, less energy is consumed and results in less hazardous waste than the use of answering machines.

In the same way that power plants are responsible for producing considerably less pollution than if everyone ran their own fossil fuel-based generators (or by using electric cars in place of the commercially common gas-powered ones), centralizing voice mail into large servers requires far less electricity than by everyone using their own dedicated machines.  These machines must be on and active 24hours a day, seven days a week.  Such electronics are responsible for 25% of home energy use, according to Energy Star, the corporation responsible for rating electronics and appliances based on the energy that can be saved by their use, and these electronics directly contribute 2% of the U.S.’s output of overall global warming gases.