Be Green and Buy Carbon Offsets

The concept of carbon offsets is a relatively simple one.  Basically, to reduce carbon emissions in the environment you can sponsor the planting of trees in the world to help enhance oxygen production and other benefits.  There is quite a bit of confusion and, yes, some controversy around the issue which is why it deserves a closer look.

Since the purchase of carbon credits cannot exist without some selling them, there will be instances where less than honest sellers enter the fray and do not exactly promote carbon credits in an ethical manner.  Sadly, such an element will always exist in any sales venture.  The key is to look for those sellers that have a stellar reputation and will not undermine your ability to get the most out of the venture and offset the footprint of carbon dioxide emissions.

Simple Steps to Start a Life of Green Living

Our carbon footprints today will affect the lives of future generations.  As such, it is important to cut back on our carbon footprint in whatever ways possible.  You can adopt simple steps to start a life of green living with littler effort than you may think.

Energy Consumption

When and where possible, make use of solar energy to power your homes, be it in heating up your water to lighting your path.  The solar water heater and solar lights are the best examples of such a good use of the sun’s power.  You can purchase these appliances in many stores nowadays, with the assurance of easy installation. Check Lowe’s or Home Depot to get started.

Carbon Footprints 101: What Is It and How to Reduce Yours

Our existence on Earth generates its own set of carbon footprints by virtue of our use of natural resources, even in the times of the hunter-gatherer society.  As time went on and tools were introduced into society, ostensibly to make life easier on humans, humanity’s carbon footprint increased proportionately.  Thus, we now experience troubling events like climate change brought by human activities.

Carbon Footprint Defined

What exactly is a carbon footprint?  The accepted definition is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the activities of individuals and organizations as well as their consumption of natural and manmade products.  It is expressed in terms of the quantity of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted.  At present, global warming can be attributed to more than 90 percent of human activities and products.  As such, the need to lessen one’s carbon footprint takes on more meaning and urgency.

Best Online Carbon Footprint Calculator

You’ve probably heard the term carbon footprint recently, but you might not have a good idea of what it means, or of what yours is.  Your carbon footprint is a measurement of the effects you have on the climate, based on the amount of greenhouse gas you produce in your life.

There are lots of everyday activities that produce these gases, from riding in a vehicle to turning on the furnace.  Even using the stove is a tiny addition to the problem of global warming.  Each year, the average American produces twenty tons of carbon dioxide, or about forty thousand pounds.