Perks of Cooking with Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware has been in use since 513 BC when it was first introduced by the Chinese.  Known for its immense health benefits, cooking in cast iron utensils is making a huge comeback amongst the health conscious.  Apart from the obvious health benefits, cast iron cookware is sturdy and easy to maintain and has the ability to withstand the abuse meted out to utensils of everyday use in a busy kitchen.

These utensils are very long lasting and can be very easily seasoned and reused irrespective of its age.  So, if you find your mothers or grandmother’s cast iron utensils lying around gathering dust, don’t throw them away.  Seasoned cooks claim that food that is cooked in cast iron utensils always tastes better than the one cooked otherwise.

Cooking With A Solar Oven

In the heat of summer, most people don’t want to turn on their ovens unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I know I don’t!  A lot of cooking is done with a microwave, but the air inside a microwave heats up pretty good too, and that heat escapes into the kitchen when the door is opened, as well.  This causes only a little bit of a drain on your electricity bill as your air conditioner kicks in to deal with that extra heat.  If you don’t use an air conditioner, there may be a few minutes discomfort until your fans take care of it.

One way to avoid this extra heat altogether is to make use of a solar oven.