Going Green, Eco Friendly Jargon and Terminology

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of settling in for a chat with a long-lost friend and been lost in the first five words out of their mouth?  They are likely suffering from acronymitis, or an inflammation of the abbreviation gland.  Signs of infection include rapid-fire rattling off of industry (or even office) specific acronyms and sensory numbness that impedes their ability to recognize the dazed look in the eyes of their audience.

Sadly, there is little that can be done to cure acronymitis, but its effects can be mitigated by immersion into the culture.  Carry a note pad and pen to jot down every cryptic term and keep your blackberry close at hand to search the net for clarification at the first opportunity.

Going Green Sports and Fitness Special Report

Going green in training is something that we will see a lot of in the coming years, as individuals are looking for easy ways to stay in shape.  These green fitness routines will allow these people to avoid spending large amounts of money on training equipment, while taking advantage of the natural training environments that Mother Nature has provided us with.  By using the following techniques and getting yourself into shape in an environmentally friendly manner, you can help ensure that the outdoors is as beautiful in the future as it is right now.

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Going Green for a Healthier Pregnancy

Going green is more about incorporating healthier eco friendly changes in your life, making it a lifestyle choice.  So what is going green?  Going green can be called a conscious effort that an individual can make to negate the harmful impact of one’s actions on the environment by cutting out wastage and switching to a natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Taking an initiative to go green during pregnancy is an excellent way of bringing your new born into this world where you know you have made an effort to cut out the chemicals and harmful substances that can affect your future generations.  A parent must always bear in mind that children look up to their parents for guidance, support and direction.  What we do today our children are bound to follow tomorrow.  Keeping that in mind, by adopting a green lifestyle before you bring your baby into this world will ensure your contribution towards a healthier you, a healthy baby, and a greener world.

Become Organic and Start Going Green

There are many people out there that want to avoid allowing chemicals to contaminate their body. The good news is that there are some easy solutions out there that you can use to make some changes. Going with some easy alternatives that are eco friendly provide you with a way to live a lifestyle that is green and all natural.

You’ll find that there are many great benefits to going with organic clothing, organic foods, and other organic products. When it comes to foods, you’ll find that the food is good and making the choice to go organic is just a sensible choice. You’ll get great food that is tasty, full of nutrients, it’s good for the local economy, and it’s a great choice for the environment as well.

Going Green and Investing in 2010

Welcome in the New Year by making some green investments. Regardless if you’re looking to invest $5 or $5,000,000. There are tons of ways to use your buying power as leverage to sway big businesses to become greener.  Coming to this realization is the hardest part.  Applying your green enthusiasm to your spending can not only help the planet, but encourage others to do so as well.