Going Green – Spring Cleaning Report

After a long winter, it’s that time once again.  Every year, we all have to cut through the dirt and get organized.  Thorough spring cleaning is a great idea if you’ve been shut in all winter.  You’ll feel better, your home will look better, and guests will feel more welcome.  Cleaning is a great way to celebrate spring and feel better about yourself and your home.  There’s a reason we have a tradition of doing it in the spring, after the long, dim winter months.  It can really help you feel more alive.

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Top 3 Fastest & Easiest ways to Cleaning Shower Glass Doors

Spotty shower glass doors ruin the entire look of your bathroom.  If you know how to clean these doors the easy and green way, it is a breeze to keep the bathroom glass doors and your bathroom looking as good as new and ultra clean.

Mildew Solutions

Mildew forming on the corners of the shower glass doors is not just a messy sight, it is dangerous too.  If left untreated it can trigger severe allergies and cause other deadly ailments.  To prevent mildew from growing, always wipe the glass shower doors dry with a towel after you shower and leave the doors ajar to allow air to circulate.

Making Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Contaminants are released into the air when using the conventional cleaning products that are more toxic and dangerous for your overall health. You have to understand that the poor air quality is likely to affect your overall health sooner or later. Therefore, you should go for the green products because you will reduce the exposure to toxic contaminants. You can also protect your family by using such green products. Try producing these cleaning products by yourself and in the comfort of your own home. Not only can it make for a fun family activity, it will also help your family go green. For instance, try using white vinegar to soft your fabrics. Even if you have very sensitive skin, you will be pleased with the final results. This natural cleaning product will not affect your skin at all. The vinegar should stay undiluted. The only thing that you will have to do is to add a half cup to the rinse cycle. You can also use common baking soda in order to clean and absorb unpleasant odors. You can also use it in order to clean the bath tube or the kitchen sink. Another method to clean your carpets is to sprinkle some baking soda right on the carpet and let it stay there for 20 minutes. Afterwards, vacuum it up and enjoy your fresh smelling carpet.