What to Grow, Part 2

Don’t listen to those who say green gardening is more labor intensive than any other type of gardening. If you have a perfect balance of nature in your garden then you may actually find you have more time than conventional gardeners, as the frogs are eating your slugs and the mulch is smothering your weeds.

Having only a small space in which to garden is also not as limiting as many believe it to be. There are a wide variety of miniature fruit and vegetable plants that can be grown in containers, herbs take up very little space and a natural sanctuary can be made out of even the smallest, concrete-filled backyard, flat roof or balcony.

What to Grow, Part 1

If creativity is missing in your life then get gardening. Whatever size canvas you have to work with you can create the most wonderful sights, smells, textures and tastes by working with nature. Your garden can be a wildflower-filled wilderness or a pungent herbal paradise; you can feed your family from your soil or tempt frogs, bats and hedgehogs into your very own wildlife reserve. But no matter what your aims are, it is essential that you take a few things into account before you rush off to the garden center.