Green Mother’s Day Gifts

In the United States and in many other countries that has adopted the modern-day tradition, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.  It is a very popular tradition filled with flowers, greeting cards and gifts, which business research has shown to amount to approximately US $5 billion annually.

No matter how you look at it, Mother’s Day can leave carbon footprints on the environment from the flowers harvested to the electronic gifts manufactured.  You can, however, make your Mother’s Day gifts more Eco-friendly with these green gift ideas.

Fun Activities

Your mother’s personality will determine the fun green gifts you can give her on her special day.  These are usually gifts that involve providing for fun, free, and friendly activities at little strain to your pockets.

Perfect Green Gifts Ideas

Getting gifts for your loved ones can sometimes mean headaches. Whether they are for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or just because, we are constantly looking for the perfect gifts. Green gifts are still fairly new and unheard to some people. Green gifts are gifts produced by manufacturers that support environmental campaigns, whether directly or indirectly. These products can be either made of tree-free materials, or made using only natural, organic ingredients. Others are made using conflict-free materials and are certified fair-trade.