Reduce Global Warming: Take Public Transportation

There are many different measures that we all can take to reduce global warming, however the most popular method that we can do this is to take public transportation. Stepping out of your personal vehicle, and stepping onto a means of transportation that is public based is a wonderful way to reduce emissions, reduce your carbon footprint, and enhance the overall air quality of your community. Here, you will learn more about this particular issue, and how you can make a difference in the world.

What Green Vehicle Does America Want?

Green vehicles and technologies have been in the news and on a lot of people’s minds recently.  However, no one seems to have the same definition of the term.  Is a vehicle green merely because it is small, light, and extremely fuel efficient, or does it need to use alternate fuel sources or have other really ground breaking technologies to qualify.

Really, it just depends on who you ask.  Different people want different things out of their vehicles, and there are many different shades of green.  That means that automakers can’t please everyone with one design.  They’re going to need to think about the vehicles they’re producing and the demographic they want to target.