Can You Bike Your Way To Power Small Appliances?

Biking for electricity!

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve doubtless seen those commercials on ESPN.  A sportscaster is trying to work in his little cubicle, but the overhead light flickers.  He gets up, walks down the corridor, opens a door marked Generator Room, and inside is bicyclist Lance Armstrong, taking a break.  “What’s up?” says the sportscaster. Armstrong apologizes quickly and starts pedaling again.

Last year, the TV series Bones gave a similar example, when a “green enthusiast” offered to make the two main characters a fruit smoothie.  He places the ingredients in a blender, then gets on a stationary bike in the middle of the kitchen and starts pedaling.  The blender flickers into life.  “Saves electricity and is a great way to keep fit,” the character points out.