How to Save Some Trees

Joyce Kilmer must have had a prophetic eye.  She wrote a beautiful poem about a tree and extolled its beauty as lovelier than a poem but that was then when trees grew abundantly in forests and the countryside.  Today, the forests are groaning from the wanton rape of its treasures – trees.

Do Your Part, Use Less Paper

Trees and only trees can be used to make quality paper.  If you don’t know it yet, the world uses an estimated 93 percent of paper and a ton of paper requires two to three times its weight in trees.  Sadly, it takes 55 percent of cut trees to supply the world with paper and it takes years before a seedling grows to maturity.  Can you already imagine the magnitude of it all?

Simple Steps to Start a Life of Green Living

Our carbon footprints today will affect the lives of future generations.  As such, it is important to cut back on our carbon footprint in whatever ways possible.  You can adopt simple steps to start a life of green living with littler effort than you may think.

Energy Consumption

When and where possible, make use of solar energy to power your homes, be it in heating up your water to lighting your path.  The solar water heater and solar lights are the best examples of such a good use of the sun’s power.  You can purchase these appliances in many stores nowadays, with the assurance of easy installation. Check Lowe’s or Home Depot to get started.

5 Easy Ways To Recycle Your Old Gadgets

Nowadays, we face a dilemma between our greed for electronics and our need to protect the Earth.  On one hand, we have to possess the latest in information and communication technology in order to be part of the goings-on in the world.  On the other hand, we have to throw away the obsolete consumer electronics we possess and, hence, become part of the destruction of the world.

So, what should you, a budding environmentalist, to do?  Well, you can recycle your old gadgets, of course!  And doing so is so easy that you can teach others to do the same, thus, perpetuating the good cycle of environmental conservation.  And did we mention that you can also earn money from recycling your old gadgets?

Reuse vs. Recycle

For most people, the terms “reuse” and “recycle” are one and the same. After all, when you reused the old plastic bottles lying around the garage as small decorative garden pots, you recycled them, too. Strictly speaking, however, the terms have different meanings in the eco-friendly movement.

Definition of Terms

When you use the term reuse, you utilize the product/item in its original form, often with just a little parts repair and/or replacement to make it fit to be used again by other individuals.  On the other hand, to recycle means to destroy the item/product so as to scavenge the parts that can be used to produce new items.