Recycling Water In Your Garden

Do you live in a city or state where it is illegal to collect rainwater?

It used to be illegal in Colorado, for example (although the law was very infrequently enforced).  The reasoning was that the rain was needed to replenish the aquifers.  However, in June 2009, Colorado passed two new laws that does make it legal to do so.

In Utah and Washington State, however, it is still illegal to collect rainwater from the roof, unless the roof owner also owns water rights on the ground.

But if you live in a locality where it is legal to collect rainwater, here’s how to do it.

Water Crystals – Save Water in your Garden

With the coming of spring and summer, watering the garden is a natural part of the process. However, the process of watering is wasteful because plants require lots of it and sometimes there is a lot of evaporation which further depletes the supply. Some things that people do to help offset this watering crunch, especially during droughts is to switch to plants that are more suited to less water and drought. While this works in the short-term, it’s not always the best solution.