Green Living: Telecommuting and The Workplace

Lots of people dream of working from home, and for many, the dream is coming true.  So many of our jobs are now computer related, so telecommuting is getting a lot more popular.  After all, it saves everyone time and money, and it reduces our demand for oil.  It also reduces traffic problems and damaging emissions from the daily commute.  There are plenty of great things about telecommuting.

If you have only a fifteen mile daily commute, you’re among the people with a shorter drive to work.  However, over the course of a year, you’ll end up driving more than five thousand, five hundred miles.  That takes a lot of fuel, even if you use more efficient methods, such as taking the bus or train.  Plus, most of us don’t like the time we have to spend on the commute.  That’s a lot of hours you’ll never get back.