Vegetarian Fourth of July Party Ideas

The great American Fourth of July picnic, with its traditional foods like grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken, is something vegetarians can enjoy participating in, too. Here are some ideas for making your Fourth of July very vegetarian.

The Grill

The outdoor grill is actually very conducive to preparing vegetarian fare. There is quite an array of pre-prepared, frozen burgers made from vegetable protein available in grocery stores. There are also hot dogs made from soy protein. Perhaps even more satisfying is making your own veggie burger patties and grilling them outside. There are many recipes online and in vegetarian (and conventional) cookbooks. Home-made black bean burgers are especially good on the grill.

Vegan and Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Ideas

More and more people are going vegan or vegetarian.  If you are cooking a holiday meal this year and you know someone will be attending who is vegan or vegetarian, you might be feeling a little bit worried about what you are going to make for them.  Here are some no-hassle ideas for you that are sure to please:

Let’s start off with the vegetarians, who may not be eat but for the most part can eat certain animal products as long as there is no meat involved.  If everyone is eating turkey this year, then take a look into the faux turkeys!  Everyone might scoff that the idea of a veggie turkey, but they are actually out there and they are actually quite delicious.  Try the Tofurkey roast, and enjoy it with all of the usual trimmings such as mashed potatoes, veggie gravy, and stuffing!

Enough To Make You Turn Vegetarian

In doing some research on the differences between ethanol made from corn and ethanol made from sugarcane, I came across the following sentence: “Cows are flatulent because they are fed corn, which they do not normally eat.”

That set me off on another search, to find out if this was actually true.

As Dr. Doolittle says, “I love red-blooded juicy chunks of meat.  Legs of lamb.  Sides of beef and chops and steaks and veal.  And pork of course, my favorite meal.”  But that’s before I found out how this food is “grown.”

I hadn’t devoted much thought to how livestock is raised for the dinner table, I confess, and I always thought what PETA was concerned with was the manner in which they were killed…not the manner in which they were raised.