Secrets behind Wind Turbine Technology

In some places of the world, wind turbine power accounts for ten percent of the total electricity consumed.  This is, sadly, a very small fraction of the power generation and consumption coming from coal plants as well as from solar panels.  Still, it is progress that we should welcome for the simple reason that taking it one step at a time is better than taking no steps at all in the right direction.

To take these small but important steps towards cleaner electricity through wind power, it is important to know about the secrets, open these may be to anyone interested, behind wind turbine technology.

Turbines in Relation to the Generation of Electricity

Small Wind: Powering Your Home With A Wind Turbine

The windiest states in the nation are:

-North Dakota
-South Dakota

Which I don’t need to tell you if you live there!

Other states that have locations that are pretty windy are Rhode Island, Wyoming (the area around Caspar and Cheyenne), the area around Erie, Pennsylvania, and areas around Mansfield and Cleveland, Ohio to name just a few.

If you live in a chronically windy location, why not consider purchasing a small wind-turbine to provide your electricity needs?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it makes economic sense to have a wind turbine if the following conditions are met:

•    Your average monthly electric bill is over $150