The Green Solutions to Keeping Electronics Out of the Trash

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There are a number of “Green” solutions to keeping electronics out of the trash.  Most of us will eventually come to a point in which we have some electronic device that no longer works, and must be replaced.  In many cases, our device may simply become outdated and we will need to upgrade to a newer type of device.  When it comes to the proper disposal techniques associated with technology devices that have been outdated, malfunctioned, or are completely inoperable, many of us will find ourselves perplexed at how to properly dispose of the products.  In this helpful and informative guide, you will be introduced to the “Green” solutions for keeping all of those electronic devices out of the trash!

There are many electronic devices that we use on a daily basis. These include:

•    Computer Systems

•    Laptops

•    Printers

•    Cell Phones

•    Digital Assistants

•    Televisions

•    Scanners

•    Fax Machines

•    Cordless Telephones

•    Cell Phones

•    USB Devices

•    Video Game Systems

•    Digital Cameras

•    Digital Audio Recorders

•    Camcorders

•    And, more!

Unfortunately, none of these types of machines or electronics last forever.  At one point or another, we will do away with our current devices and turn to newer, upgraded electronic items.  The question is, how do we properly dispose of our old electronics?

Why is Improper Disposal a Concern?

To many, disposing of these devices is no problem at all.  They simply bag them up and set them next to the road for pickup.  Once the garbage man rolls around, these devices are dropped in local landfills to be forgotten forever…or, are they?  The fact of the matter is that many of these electronic devices can be extremely harsh on our environment.  All of the items that we throw away that are electronic based can actually increase the carbon footprint that we leave behind!  Many of these devices contain toxic substances and materials.  For example, many may contain Lead, while others contain Cadmium.

When landfills go to condense these items through crushing techniques, or even burn them, these harmful substances can enter into the atmosphere.  Individuals can get sick, and the atmosphere as a whole can experience even more pollution, and damage which adds to the Greenhouse Effect!

Proper Disposal Techniques

There are many ways that you can properly dispose of your electronics.  You may resell the items, recycle the devices, and even donate them!  There is one program online that is referred to as “eBay’s Rethink Program” which allows you to dispose of all the items in one way or another of reselling, donating, and even recycling.  In addition to this website, there are several others that offer points, awards, and even cash for you to provide them with your unwanted electronics.

All of these methods are considered to be the “Green” solutions to properly disposing of your electronics!  Remember, it is important to avoid throwing out electronic items to just sit in landfills, or be burnt in landfills.  If you want to live in a more “Green” manner, and want to avoid leaving behind a large carbon footprint, be sure to donate, recycle, or resell all of those electronics that you no longer use!

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  1. Victoria says:

    Great article! My favorite ways of keeping items out of the trash is to donate them to a charity or sell them in a yard sale. I figure someone else might enjoy something I no longer want.

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