The Importance of “Living Green” and the Changes You Can Make

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So many people think about making changes in their lives but fail to do them.  Just why is that?  Is it because people do not care or because they are lazy?  Generally, no, it is simply because our lives have become so hectic that we naturally seem to gravitate towards the easiest way out.  Sometimes, we simply chose the less green route to fit in.  It may sound silly but it is true.

The problem many people have is simply habit and sometimes it is the lack of knowledge about particular subjects.  Many women will buy tampons without even blinking an eye and they have never put a second’s thought into whether or not that is a good idea.  It is as if the world, or rather the world of advertisement and sales has led us to make decisions based on what they wanted us to do, instead of what is best for us and for our environment.  This needs to change.

Take for example shopping for clothing.  How many teenagers would get caught dead inside a thrift store?  Just the thought of buying gently used clothing is enough to send them into fits of rage, fear and total social embarrassment.  The thing is though; it does not have to be that way.  The best thing you can do for your child and for yourself is to start shopping at thrift stores as soon as possible.  Just remember, if someone you know sees you there, it is only because they shop there too.  Everyone else will be too busy spending their entire paycheck at the mall.

Besides just a way to save money, consider all of the clothing that would otherwise find its way to the landfill if no one reused them.  If you are finding that it is more trouble than you thought to get the kids to go with you, try making an entire day or outing out of it.  Combine some time at the thrift store with a trip for ice cream.  The point is to make sure that the thrift store day is a day that everyone looks forward to, for whatever reason.

Another way to show your kids that thrift shopping is the way to go is to get them involved.  Have your kids help you pick out an outfit for the day.  Show off the shoes or new earrings you picked up at the thrift store and tell them what a great deal they were and how excited you are to have found them.  Consider it subliminal messaging, but hey, it works.

If you want to get crafty with your kids, you can go shopping together in hopes of finding things that can be used to make new jewelry or for a decoration you will be making together.  Once they get the hang of shopping and looking for those special finds in the thrift stores, they will be more and more willing to go back.

False Advertising with Clothing Lines

Believe it or not, there are many clothing designers and shoe designers out there who would be more than happy to take the terms “pre-organic”, “natural” and “eco friendly” – spin them to mean whatever they want and then advertise it with those labels so that you believe that you are getting something good for the environment.  You really want to watch these advertisements.

Just because a clothing line advertises that they are eco friendly does not mean that they are.  You will not be bale to use their advertisements as a means of justification for buying all new clothes instead of clothes that are gently used.

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