Top 3 Fastest & Easiest ways to Cleaning Shower Glass Doors

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Spotty shower glass doors ruin the entire look of your bathroom.  If you know how to clean these doors the easy and green way, it is a breeze to keep the bathroom glass doors and your bathroom looking as good as new and ultra clean.

Mildew Solutions

Mildew forming on the corners of the shower glass doors is not just a messy sight, it is dangerous too.  If left untreated it can trigger severe allergies and cause other deadly ailments.  To prevent mildew from growing, always wipe the glass shower doors dry with a towel after you shower and leave the doors ajar to allow air to circulate.

If the area is prone to mildew, spray the glass doors and the other mildew-prone areas with a disinfectant.  Treat the shower doors and the bathroom area with a fifty-fifty solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is safe; there is no danger of harming your lungs and the environment.  Do this every six months.

Keeping glass shower doors dry and removing mildew and prevents them from growing and sticking stubbornly to bathroom surfaces.

Remove Water Spots

Shower glass doors will take a lot of beating from water splashes.  There is no way you can prevent this but you can remove the water stains with some ingredients stored in the kitchen cupboard.  Dip a clean sponge into a solution of 1 part water diluted with 4 parts water and wipe dry.

For stubborn hard water spots, use 100 per cent vinegar.  Apply this using an abrasive sponge.  Equip your home with a water softener to eliminate the torment of removing tough water stains every now and then.  While cleaning the shower doors, keep the bathroom well-ventilated so air can circulate and dry damp areas.

For harder-to-remove water stains, stick vinegar-soaked paper towels to the glass.  Let it stay for at least 15 minutes

Soak paper towels with white vinegar and stick them to the glass.  Let it soak for 15 minutes.  Then remove the paper towels.  Rub the doors with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Remove the residue with glass cleaner.

Soap Scum

Soap scum can collect and stick stubbornly on the shower glass doors and make the doors appear dirty or messy.  Simply remove the scum by wiping this with a solution of one cup fabric liquid softener to a quart of warm water.  Rinse and wipe dry.  For water spots on the metal frames enclosing the glass shower doors, rub the area with lemon oil.

Make a spray from one part mineral oil diluted with four parts water.  Spray on the scum and accumulated dirt on the glass doors and on the tub or shower and use a sponge to wipe it off.  If you’re caught short on mineral oil, use your stock of concentrated orange-based cleaner.  Pour this on a clean dishrag, preferably old, and wipe it on the doors.  This can be used on bathroom walls too.

Cleaning shower glass doors won’t be tedious if these are cleaned on a weekly basis to prevent scum and water spots build-up.

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