Truth or Myth: Electric Vehicles

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When it comes to electric vehicles, there are many different myths surrounding them.  It is important that you know the truth about these vehicles.  Here is a look at the myths and the real truth behind them.

Myth #1 – There is not enough range in an electric vehicle.  You’ll get stranded.

This is a huge myth.  The facts are that most Americans only drive about 40 miles each day.  Most of the electric vehicles out there have ranges that are double that and more.  You can charge them at any outlet as well.  All you have to do is plan things out a little to use your vehicle if you need to travel further.  On a combination of gasoline and electricity, these vehicles can go about 300 miles or more.

Myth #2 – Electric vehicles are only good for trips that are short and in the city.

Again, this is not the case.  Many consumers that actually own these electric vehicles use them on a regular basis for trips that are all the way up to 100+ miles.

Myth #3 – There is simply a smokestack replacing the tailpipe with an electric vehicle.

The truth here is that these vehicles really help to reduce the emissions.  They reduce pollutants, such as greenhouse gasses and more.  Even if coal is the source of electricity, these vehicles still will end up reducing the greenhouse gas and various other emissions that can occur.

Myth #4 – There needs to be new charging infrastructure before people will start using electric vehicles.

This is not true.  Most charging of these vehicles is actually done at home, so you don’t have to have infrastructure for charging in public.  Of course, having that infrastructure can help, especially for those that are going to drive a long ways.

Myth #5 – If millions of people are charging up their vehicles, the grid will crash.

Production of off peak electricity could easily fuel vehicles if they were electric vehicles.  Many utilities are upgrading to deal with these vehicles as well.  In many cases, plug in vehicles can actually provide benefits to the grid.

Myth #6 – Chemicals in the batteries can’t be recycled and are bad for our environment.

Most of the batteries in cars are recycled today.  The metals that are in these newer batteries are actually better and more valuable to programs for recycling.  There are already programs being designed for them.  They can be used as energy storage after they cannot be used any longer in an electric vehicle.

Myth #7 – It takes too long for an electric vehicle to charge.

Actually the best time to charge the vehicle is while you are sleeping at night at home.  You can easily charge the vehicle overnight, even with a 120 volt outlet that is slow.  Most of the newer options use a 240 volt outlet, which gives even more charge in a shorting amount of time.

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