Water Crystals – Save Water in your Garden

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With the coming of spring and summer, watering the garden is a natural part of the process. However, the process of watering is wasteful because plants require lots of it and sometimes there is a lot of evaporation which further depletes the supply. Some things that people do to help offset this watering crunch, especially during droughts is to switch to plants that are more suited to less water and drought. While this works in the short-term, it’s not always the best solution.

Introducing water crystals which are special crystals designed to absorb up to 50 times their weight in water can help gardens immeasurably during hot months when water is at a premium. According to the manufacturers, these Polyacrylamide crystals absorb the water, form a gel and then slowly release the water as the plant needs it. This not only cuts the number of times you need to water your plants, but it also reduces the loss of nutrients and fertilizers.

Polyacrylamide crystals last up to five years and are biodegradable which means that they breakdown over time in the water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide all substances which are used by the plant. The crystals dry out and can be rehydrated a number of times over their life cycle and provide a continuous amount of water to the plants as well. They come under different brand names and are called different things. One of them comes as part of a fertilizer and depending on the brand, only takes 2 teaspoons of crystals to absorb a liter or quart of water.

Polyacrylamide crystals are available for everyone from the home gardener to the professional landscaper and are utilizes in all types of cultivation applications. It is something that is used worldwide, and the resulting survival rates have been very impressive even in environments like the very arid, dry Australian countryside.

The best way to use Polyacrylamide crystals is by planting them under the plant when you first put it in your garden. Direct exposure to sunlight reduces their effectiveness, and if you want to add them to existing plants, cover them with dirt rather than digging up the whole plant.

They are white or clear, odorless and come in various sizes with the smaller ones working better in sand and the larger ones for heavier clay soils. Florists also use them as a great way to preserve cut flowers.

Believe it or not, Polyacrylamide crystals are made from what they use to make disposable diaper linings and are synthetic although non-toxic. Make sure that you buy a good grade of Polyacrylamide crystals, because in the cheaper ones there may be residual unpolymerized acrylamide which is toxic and may cause a risk. When using the granules, take the usual precautions of wearing gloves and a mask.

If you want to buy the crystals online, put the following in the search query box for best search engine results:

– Water saving crystals
– Polymer crystals
– Polyacrylamide crystals

All of the companies usually ship worldwide and check pricing because there’s wide variation, so you’ll want to get the best prices available.

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